5 Beautiful Spanish Speaking Destinations that Everyone Should Visit

Have you ever wondered where the prettiest places to practice your Spanish are located?

There are approximately 22 Spanish speaking countries in the world, encompassing some of the most beautiful territory. These countries are located mostly throughout the Americas but also include Spain, where it all began.

In this blog post, I'm sharing, what I believe, are the top 5 most beautiful destinations throughout these Spanish speaking countries.

So if you're trying to find that perfect vacation destination to practice your Spanish, or you just want to visit somewhere beautiful, you're in the right place.

If you haven't started learning Spanish yet, don't worry. There are tons of resources out there to help you. You can find a few of my favorites here.

Machu Picchu

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One of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is located high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The views alone make this destination a must, but it is also filled with fascinating history, architecture, and culture, and laden with hiking trails.


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Tulum is another beautiful destination, especially if you love the beach. Located just outside of Cancun, Tulum is filled with so much to see and do. Aside from having the most pristine beaches in Mexico, you can find beautiful jungle, ancient ruins, cenotes, and lots of delicious food.

Torres del Paine

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Torres del Paine is located in the southernmost region of Patagonian Chile. It is a beautiful national park, and an absolute must for mountain lovers. It is even said to have some of the most spectacular views on earth.

Picos de Europa

Another beautiful place to go for mountain lovers is Picos de Europa, literally meaning the peaks of Europe, are located in the north of Spain. This national park is filled with epic scenery, the best of hiking trails in Spain, gorgeous lakes, and many adventures to embark upon.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Finally, Tayrona National Park, located in Magdalena on the northern coast of Colombia. It is a great place to enjoy the beaches, go snorkeling or diving, hike through the jungle, and see lots of monkeys.

If you still need to start learning Spanish or just brush up on it. Here are some great resources to help you along.

Duolingo - Duolingo is probably the best language learning app out there. They even have podcasts to help you listen and understand as it is spoken. One of the best parts is that it is free. You have the option of paying for the add free / offline version and a few other perks, which can be great for practicing during your flight.

Synergy Spanish - Another great learning tool is Synergy Spanish. Here they teach the basics

in a quick and effective way, and they'll have you ready for your trip in no time. There are a couple different price options, but the basic package includes 68 lessons, an action guide, and an app to help you along. They also have a 60 day money back guarantee, so you don't have to worry about wasting your money and still struggling to put a sentence together.

Coffee Break Spanish - Lastly, Coffee Break Spanish is a great website to help you along with your Spanish. They have free podcasts ranging from beginner to advanced with a total of 160 podcasts. They also have a variety of courses you can enroll in to learn even more, from masterclasses to travel diaries.